How it works?

SqlDBD is a cloud-based database design system. The program allows you to create database models composed of unlimited number of tables, columns, indexes and relationships in an easy and intuitive way.

Subject Areas

The program allows to divide the database project into so-called thematic areas and diagrams presenting various business needs. This allows users to find themselves even in a very complex database structure. Moreover, it is possible to quickly search for different database objects on the list and find them in the diagram.

Teamwork and sharing

SqlDBD allows multiple programmers to work on a project simultaneously. The team leader can grant and revoke edit and review permissions to colleagues or clients. In addition, it is possible to work in real time. Everyone can see all the changes made by other team members as they work.

Database import and export

The system has the ability to import SQL scripts and create a database model based on them. Scripts of popular database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQL Server are recognized. After working on the database model, you can generate an SQL script to create or update it.

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