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Friendly User Interface

The SqlDBD user interface is designed to be as easy to use as possible while providing all the tools to design even the most complex database structure. You don't need to be able to write scripts in SQL language. You can do everything by dragging and dropping elements or modifying database objects in special forms. You can do all this in your browser without installing another program.

SqlDBD user interface

Team work on the project

You can open and edit a database project also when someone else is already working on it. No more waiting for others to finish their work to be able to modify the base. You and your colleagues can see all the changes as they are made. Additionally, you can work from anywhere in the world, at any time and on any computer.

Sharing database designs

An ordered structure

In SqlDBD you can divide the design of the database into thematic areas and diagrams, i.e. the parts that are responsible for different business needs. They make it easier to find a specific table in order to modify or check its structure. The program has intuitive navigation and object search tools.

Subject areas

View Modes

Display modes allow you to present the diagram in a simpler form, so that the relationships between the tables are understandable not only to programmers. For example, you can limit the view to master keys only or to table descriptions. You can switch display modes with one click.

database design view modes

Import and export

SqlDBD enables import and export of scripts. The program allows you to create a project based on a script, taking into account relationships between tables. Any project can be exported to an SQL script. In addition, it is possible to export diagrams to PNG, PDF and SVG files, which can be attached to the IT system documentation.

Database import and export

Revision and version comparisons

Developer can create new versions of the project. Each version can be given a name and description or removed if it is no longer needed. You can revert to an earlier version at any time or create a completely new project based on the selected version of the current project. The program allows you to compare two selected versions in order to display the differences between them and generate scripts updating the database.

Model version comparisons

Dark or light theme

In SqlDBD you can change the background theme of the program. You can leave the default dark theme if you work often in the evening or turn on the light theme during the day. The program allows you to set a separate theme for each user working on the project.

Light & dark theme
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