Common questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions. We encourage you to read them.

Is SqlDBD independent of the database system used?
Yes. The program can be used anywhere in the world through a browser. It does not matter if any database system is installed on the device.
What are the possibilities for importing and exporting the database model?
The program enables import and export of SQL scripts in formats compatible with MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. In addition, database models can be exported to PDF/PNG/SVG files.
Can two data models be compared?
Yes. The program has a function that compares two selected projects or project versions. You can even run an update script based on the difference between two versions of the project.
Can the project be divided into important substantive parts?
Yes. Each base model in SqlDBD can be divided into so-called subject areas and diagrams. Searching for tables and fields can be limited to these parts.
How do you enter relations between diagram tables?
Creating a relation is done by dragging the cursor from the parent to the child table. After determining the direction of the relation, it is enough to match the fields of both tables and commit the changes.
Can I design a database with colleagues?
Of course. The program allows work on the project by many users at the same time. Changes made by one are visible to others.
Can I work on any computer in SqlDBD?
Yes, because the program is supported by the browser. The database design can be created on a computer with Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Dedicated applications for Android and iOS phones are also being prepared.
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