Import/export » Generating a diagram from an existing database

If you already have a database or its project created in another database modeling program, you can easily transfer it to SqlDBD using the SQL / DDL script import function. To do this, generate and save an SQL / DDL file to the disk and then import it into SqlDBD. Just open the import tab and click the Upload button. SQL scripts import tab Then click the Choose File button and select a file from your disk. script import windowselecting an SQL file from disk The program will read all DDL commands (other commands are ignored) from the selected file and display them in the main program window. To start importing, confirm by clicking Import import window after loading the file After a while, if the script is correct, the model of the imported database will be opened. The database tables will be pre-arranged according to the defined relationships, although the user may need to arrange them differently. database model imported from the script

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